How to Vape in Pubs, Nightclubs & Restaurants

Vaping is a growing trend and can be used in any public place. It’s been relatively new to the market, so it’s taken some time for people to wrap their heads around it.

But you have to admit, vape pens and devices from BargainEjuice.ca have improved the way we vape, allowing us to enjoy the good stuff without having to inhale smoke from our cigarettes or joints. So, what guidelines should you follow when vaping in pubs, nightclubs and restaurants?

Vape where it is permitted

Vaping is not an inherently bad thing. The best way to avoid these misunderstandings is to make sure you’re vaping where it’s permitted.

If you’re going to a pub or club and want to vape, it’s best to ask first. Most clubs will have “no smoking” signs, and your vape could cause a huge stink if you smoke in the same room.

In some places, you can vape inside without being asked to leave. Customers are allowed to use e-cigarettes anywhere within the venue. This includes the bar area and even some of the seating areas outside on the pavement!

Show some respect to your non-vaping neighbours

Vaping inside a pub or club can be a fun way to enjoy the hobby and share it with friends, but the smell of vaping can be overpowering for people who don’t vape themselves. If you’re planning to vape inside a pub or club, try not to blow smoke directly into someone else’s face.

Your neighbours are also likely to be concerned about the smell of vaping, especially if they have children or pets. It could also impact their enjoyment of their evening out. Some people may even consider moving due to the smell of vaping.

Don’t vape near food or drink areas

If you’re going to use your electronic cigarette around food or drink areas, make sure that they are well-ventilated. You may also want to place an item under your mouth when you vape so that no aroma has an opportunity to leak onto anything else in the area, or at least not into your mouth.

Choose a high-quality e-liquid

You don’t want to ruin your vaping experience by using cheap juice that has been mixed poorly or mixed at all. If you choose high-quality juice, then you can be sure it will taste as good as it looks and that it will deliver maximum performance from your device.

Don’t create clouds of vapour

This can be very off-putting for other people who don’t enjoy the smell of smoke or marijuana. it can lead to an unpleasant aroma in the air and make people feel uncomfortable.

Take it easy when vaping in pubs, clubs and restaurants. You don’t want to be blamed for the smell of smoke or worse, having your vape confiscated. The last thing you want is to miss out on a great night out because you were vaping.

So please make sure that you vape responsibly and stay safe. Be aware of the laws around vaping in these venues, as they do differ from place to place. Also, observe proper manners and avoid making those around you uncomfortable.

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