What’s New with the Walmart Grocery Delivery?

With many things to do, some important tasks seem time-consuming, such as buying groceries. The drive to the local store, deciding which product to purchase according to needs and budget, and the long queue at the counter are enough reasons to get discouraged. 

The good thing is that the retail giant Walmart has an online grocery delivery service that helps ease your worries. In just two hours, your desired grocery will be delivered to your doorstep. To do this, you just have to schedule an order with a minimum value of $35. 

You can select fresh produce and favorite items with just a button away. You can also schedule the delivery if you want your groceries to arrive at a later time. With just a $14.97 delivery fee, you can accomplish an important task while having the time to do another important task. Walmart assures you that its online grocery delivery service follows the health protocols. 

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