More About the Estrella Damm Culinary Journey

The popular Barcelona beer brand Estrella Damm launched a program called the Estrella Damm Culinary Journey. This is created to support the hospitality industry of Toronto. 

What is Estrella Damm’s Culinary Journey? 

Estrella Damm’s commitment to supporting great food is solidified with the launch of the Estrella Damm Culinary Journey program. At least 25 of Toronto’s top restaurants are set to participate in the different events. With this, the city government expects a significant boost in the food service industry and also in food tourism. 

What do you need to know about Estrella Damm’s Culinary Journey?

Beer will be a significant factor in the event since the program’s host is Estrella Damm. A large variety of all-natural dishes can be perfectly paired with it. Estrella Damm’s gastronomic ties are deep, and many top restaurants are willing to lend a hand. Such cooperation hopes to make a great leap forward after the setback brought by the recent pandemic. 

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