What’s With Fizz Fest?

If you missed Toronto’s Festival of Beer, you could have the same or even better experience in the upcoming Fizz Fest. From the same organizers, Fizz Fest is dedicated to celebrating not only with beer but with any beverage in a can. Whether it is a fruit juice, soda, or wine, you can have a lot of varieties from different brands during the festival. 

Aside from beverages, there will be perfect food partners available. Oyster Boy will be serving seafood delights, while Meltwich will offer their grilled cheese dishes. Cover band Dwayne Gretzky will deliver the hit songs from the 90s as you munch and drink around. 

With the food industry starting to recover from the effects of the recent pandemic, Fizz Fest is a perfect opportunity to launch a great step forward. You can enjoy it with friends or on your own this May 21–22 at Fort York Garrison Common.

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