The Best Vegan/Vegetarian Eats in Toronto

With Toronto getting its groove back after being struck by the pandemic, people are now becoming busier. The realizations during the lockdown periods for a healthy lifestyle have encouraged many to seek plant-based foods. The list below is highly recommended if you’re looking for the best vegan eateries in Toronto. 

1. Planta Burger

Here at 4 Temperance St, you can find a vegan burger joint named Planta Burger. It offers burgers with mushroom patties and a ton of toppings that are plant-based, aside from tomatoes and pickles. The food is so good that even meat lovers can appreciate it. Also, this joint sells milkshakes. 

2. Hello123

If you are looking for Hello123, you need to go to 1122 Queen St. W. This neighborhood favorite specializes in bowl meals and sandwiches that are plant-based. Some breakfast classics like the omelet are being reinvented with a vegan mindset. You can also purchase freshly made juices to wash all your solid foods. 

3. Udupi Palace

Udupi Palace is situated at 1460 Gerrard St. E. This restaurant is named after a town in southern India known for its temples. The food options offered there will surely satisfy any vegan. The shop’s specialty, though, is South Indian dishes, including spongy and yummy idlis. 

4. Rosalinda

Situated at 133 Richmond St. W., a Mexican restaurant named Rosalinda serves plant-based food. However, their menu is far from the usual vegan menu. They take dishes traditionally done with meat and reinvent them with vegan ingredients, specifically fruits.

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