The Rabbit Hole

You can visit The Rabbit Hole at 21 Adelaide St. W. This whimsical pub fuses traditional British and Italian inspirations for their dishes. 

What is The Rabbit Hole?

The Rabbit Hole is Oliver and Bonicini’s latest addition to their empire. However, it distances itself from the usual fine dining atmosphere for a more fanciful ambiance. With influences from the tale of Alice in Wonderland, this pub is filled with colorful interior designs that attract the market of different ages.

What is on the menu?

The menu is primarily comprised of British cuisine. There are the usual British classics with some pleasant twists. You can have starters like the steak tartare on a Yorkshire pudding or the heirloom tomato salad. For the main course, you can have pasta or try the Rabbit Tagliatelle, the most Italian food you can find on the menu. 

Why is The Rabbit Hole worth the trip?

You can have a beer at an English pub if you want to relax. However, The Rabbit Hole offers more with plenty of options for drinks and delectable dishes.  

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