Highly Recommended New Restaurants in Toronto Winter 2022

Whatever the weather is, Toronto offers many places to eat and unwind. This includes wintertime. The cold weather won’t stop the restos in the city from giving their best. 

Here are the highly recommended eateries in Toronto you can check out during winter:

1. Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! 

Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! is located at 461 King St. W. You might mistake it for a restaurant serving rabbit meat, but the reality is far from that. This one serves fajitas, roast sunchoke tamale, grilled adobo chicken, sparkles, and margaritas, while the ambiance is amped up with disco themes. 

2. The Hartly 

Situated at 619 King St. W., The Hartly is a late-night go-to place. The place serves good shareable snacks like the truffle tuna tostadas. Not only that, there is live music and variety theatre. This place will suit you whether you’re looking to unwind from work or celebrate a successful activity.

3. MIMI Chinese

You will find this place at 265 Davenport Rd. The restaurant is the sister restaurant of the highly successful Sunny’s Chinese restaurant. The difference is that MIMI Chinese is focused more on regional Chinese food, specifically from the provinces of Sichuan, Hunan, and Guangdong.

4. DAM Sandwiches

At 363 Oakwood Ave., there is a noticeable restaurant named DAM Sandwiches. It started out with a menu of three hugely successful items only. The store added more on its roster late last year, including the slow-cooked brisket Sammy and the pan-seared queso fresco cheese sandwich.

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