Bar Mignonette

Bar Mignonette is a pub located at 794 Dundas St. W. It has a similar vibe to Patois, but this eatery specializes more in wine and seafood. 

What is Bar Mignonette?

Located above the Patios, Bar Mignonette is another offspring of the same owners. While Patios focuses on Caribbean-Asian fusion cuisine, Bar Mignonette has a different take. It focuses on being a small wine bar that offers a menu of seafood. 

What is on the menu?

Aside from wine, everything offered in the bar is related to seafood. Their Crabfest Mac n’ Cheese is satisfyingly stuffed with blue crab. The Seafood Lover Menu comes with the show-stopping Red Lobster Rockefeller. 

The sides are also not to be missed. There is a French flair to them, along with the Asian inspiration. For the dessert, there is the creamy Patois’s carrot cake.

Why is Bar Mignonette worth the trip?

If you dine at Patios, stop by at Bar Mignonette. Not only is it a perfect place for a date or meet-up, but you can also enjoy the place while going solo. For seafood lovers, this place is a must-visit. 

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