Top 4 of the Best New Restaurants in Toronto Spring 2022

Spring is a transitional season when people’s food cravings vary greatly from warm dishes to cool treats. No matter what you crave, you can find solace at the top four restaurants in Toronto you can check out during the spring season. 

1. Orote 

You can find this restaurant at 276 Havelock St. This newest gem from Dufferin Grove serves fresh takes on Korean flavors. This underrated place can satisfy your needs if you are into diverse and bountiful Korean dishes. 

2. Ration Beverly

Here at 335 Queen St. W., you can find a new and innovative restaurant at Beverly Hotel. This is the Ration Beverly, formerly known as Ration Food Lab. The place is a menu-tasting restaurant wherein the chefs are given enough freedom to experiment with various food ideas for customers to taste. The menu contents frequently change according to season.

3. BB’s Diner 

This fan-favorite Filipino-inspired restaurant at 1566 Queen St. W. is named BB’s Diner. Now that they’re back after the closure due to the pandemic, their dishes remain sought-after. You can choose from breakfast classics like the Silog to the amazing house sausage for meat lovers and the Tito Caezar for vegetarians. 

4. Osteria Giulia 

Located at 134 Avenue Rd., chef Rob Rossi offers you his latest Italian eatery, Osteria Giulia. This restaurant focuses on the culinary delights of the Ligurian region of Italy. This includes well-prepared and delectable fish meals, handmade seafood pasta, and magnificent focaccia stuffed with stracchino.

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