Peeking at the Reopening of Toronto Restaurants

With COVID-19 vaccinations widely distributed and people gradually gaining resistance to the virus’ symptoms, the economy will inevitably move to recover. The food service industry was one of the most affected during the height of the pandemic. Now that people are opting for protection and getting used to the new normal, Toronto restaurants are hopefully reopening for good. 

Mayor John Tory recently gave a go signal to the Toronto restaurants as Ontario began supporting the comeback of their food service establishments. Ontario’s move also affected the stores catering to outdoor and patio dining. While the date for reopening is yet to be officially announced, Mayor Tory encourages the stores to prepare to be fully operational. 

The Toronto Public Health office has released the health guidelines that restaurants must follow as they open their doors. Dining groups are limited to 6 people at most, tables are spaced at least six feet apart, and the dining capacity must only be 50 percent. 

While Ontario is entering Stage Two of the government’s reopening plan, Toronto is not that far behind. If the restaurants continue to gain momentum, more of these businesses will follow, and soon enough, the industry will be back where it halted before the pandemic struck.

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