Top 5 Picks of the Best Table-to-Farm Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto has many restaurants serving in-season farm harvests. Cautious about what you eat? You need not worry. Many restaurants in Toronto offer a great selection when it comes to fresh crops and organic ingredients.

You only have to know which restaurants offer the best food and whip up the most exciting dishes out of the produce. To cut the chase, here’s a list of the best table-to-farm eateries you can find in the heart of the city.

1. The Green Wood

This place is open from morning to late evening. From large sandwiches to finger foods, you will get the best Mediterranean style of cooking in the city. Furthermore, chef Ariel Coplan constantly formulates different changes to the menu to include seasonal ingredients.  

2. Richmond Station

This downtown eatery by Top Chef Canada winner, Carl Heinrich, is one great solution for your hunger as you bustle in between jobs. Aside from the special Station Burger that has pastured beef, their menu offers a section full of vegetarian meals. 

3. Marben

Chef Chris Locke has always focused on delivering food to the menu according to the season. This is what his restaurant in the English countryside has always provided its customers with. You can also enjoy bottomless mimosas and mouthwatering roasts every weekend.

4. Season Six 

This restaurant has reinvented its dining style following the season. With the menu changing every two months, the restaurant offers six variations of organic sides and traditionally grilled meat. 

5. Farmhouse Tavern

True to its name, this store offers the farm experience right in the center of the urban life of Toronto. They serve healthy, gourmet meals in a place with a homey and comfy ambiance.

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